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Welcome to Xmipp documentation!

Xmipp is a suite of image processing programs, primarily aimed at single-particle 3D electron microscopy, designed and managed by the Biocomputing Unit located in Madrid, Spain.

The Xmipp project is made up by the xmipp programs, mainly written in C++, the **scipion-em-xmipp** plugin, where all the protocols of SPA are located and the **scipion-em-xmippTomo** plugin, where all the protocols of tomography are located .

Getting started

Xmipp is composed by a main repository with all the programs writen by C++ and two plugins to run protocols inside Scipion. To run the protocols the compillation of the main repository is required and also the installation of the plugins.


The recommended way for users (not developers) to install and use Xmipp is via the Scipion framework, where you can use Xmipp with other Cryo-EM-related software. Xmipp will be installed during Scipion installation (pay attemption on the -noXmipp flag). The Scipion installer should take care of all dependencies for you, however, you can make its life easier if you have your compiler, CUDA and HDF5 library ready and available in the standard paths. Read the installation page for more details about these softwares requirements. Follow the official installation guide of Scipion for more details.