How to release

Let’s assume that we want to make a new Xmipp version from the ‘devel’ branch with a version name X.YY.ZZ where X=3 (to keep the main version number to be able to sort the version as usual. Also to keep the name xmipp3), YY=Year of the release, ZZ=Month of release. Also, we name the version following Greek gods/goddess (Apollo, Boreas…), see the TAGging section below.

Create the release notes

Add all the information about the release here

Schedule the releasing

Prepare everything, but post the release at the beginning of your workday.

Make release branches

Create a branch where freeze the code and fix some minor bug before to upgrade the version for all Xmipp repositories. The usual name for that branch is release-X.YY.ZZ. > Branches with ‘release’ word are protected, to unprotect it create a PR from an other branch and get the aprove from other developer

If some Xmipp repository has not to be uploaded (scipion-em-xmipp, xmipp, xmippViz, xmippCore), please make this release-X.YY.ZZ branch from the master one in order to make sure that the update from other repos is compatible. In this way, we will also be able to include some bug fixing during the release procedure.

Set the version to the code

There are three types of version tags. One is the plugin version (in sync with pypi), other is the software version (related with the name of the tgz hosted in the Scipion web) and, finally, the third is the linking from the plugin to the software.

  • Software version: It must be set at $XMIPP_BUNDLE/xmipp –> XMIPP_VERSION=X.YY.ZZ. This version is used when the software is compiled and the xmipp_version is done, to create the end-of-installation token ($XMIPP_HOME/vX.YY.ZZ) and when the bundle is created using ./xmipp tar ... with an automatic version.

  • Linking version:It must be set at $XMIPP_BUNDLE/src/scipion-em-xmipp/xmipp3/ –> _currentVersion = ‘X.YY.ZZ’. This is used to find the binaries to install. This is also in sync with the pypi versions since this version is used when the pypi module is created and uploaded.

  • XMIPP_VERNAME Replace devel for the name of the release here

  • Replace the logo for the protocols: replace scipion-em-xmipp/xmipp3/xmipp_logo.png (in devel is the devel version of the image) for xmipp_logo_original.png

  • Review the status of each protocol (_devStatus), maybe some change from New to Production, or production to updated…

Creating the Xmipp software bundle

When the release-X.YY.ZZ branch is ready and all bugs seem fixed, we must do a Pull Request for each Xmipp repository from release-X.YY.ZZ to master. Once approved but not merged yet, we can start with the release procedure.

If the Pull Request contain conflicts, merge Master into your release branch and resolve it. If the release only contain changes in the plugin (not in the rest of the Xmipp repositories), you can go to the next section below.

Make sure that all is self-contained (keep in mind the rest of the Xmipp’s repositories) and compatible with the current Scipion version. To do that, go for a fresh compilation as follow

(We assume that the current version of Scipion is installed in ``$scipionMASTER``.)

git clone xmipp2release
cd xmipp2release

$scipionMASTER/scipion3 run ./xmipp all br=release-X.YY.ZZ N=8

$scipionMASTER/scipion3 uninstallp -p scipion-em-xmipp
git checkout release-X.YY.ZZ
$scipionMASTER/scipion3 installp -p ./xmipp2release/src/scipion-em-xmipp --devel

rm -rf $scipionMASTER/software/em/xmipp
ln -s ~/xmipp2release/build $scipionMASTER/software/em/xmipp

$scipionMASTER scipion3 test --grep xmipp
$scipionMASTER scipion3 test xmipp3.tests.XXX
$scipionMASTER scipion3 test xmipp3.tests.XXY

If all goes well (no error should be in the tests, however we assume some ones… (at least all those at Buildbot xmipp_bundle_devel and xmipp_devel) then, we can make the Xmipp bundle.

First ensures that the new version info is well set at the Xmipp main script. If not, update it, commit the change and push it. All should be pushed to github since the bundle is done from the github/branch, instead of you local version.

Then, we are able to create the bundle

./xmipp tar Sources br=release-X.YY.ZZ

A xmippSrc-vX.YY.ZZ.tgz should be created, where YY.ZZ is according to the version info set above.

Test the archive in the Scipion

To test the archive, install new Scipion without Xmipp following the guide here:

python3 -m scipioninstaller -conda -noXmipp -noAsk scipion2ReleaseXmipp

First thing that needs to be done is to install Xmipp plugin.

./scipion3 installp -p  path/of/xmipp2release/src/scipion-em-xmipp --devel

Once the plugin is installed, you should see Xmipp sources available for installation:

$ ./scipion3 installb
xmippSrc                 3.YY.ZZ.0[ ]

Copy (overwrite) the source file xmippSrc-vX.YY.ZZ.tgz to the /software/em path of the Scipion installation. Now install the binaries and run some test to verify that everything works. Typical problem is not matching version number in the scipion-em-xmipp plugin.

./scipion3 installb xmippSrc -j 8

If all seems fine means that bundle xmippSrc-vX.YY.ZZ.tgz is compatible to work with the Scipion under $scipionMASTER and under the plugin at ~/xmipp2release/src/scipion-em-xmipp, thus upload the .tgz to Nolan to be able to get it remotely. If you don’t know how to do it, please ask Scipion’s people (…/downloads/scipion/software/em)

Creating the PyPi module

Testing the installation with source archive from Nolan

Before creation the Pypi module, it is worth it to start a testing stage to be sure that all is working well. Take into account that, once the Pypi module is uploaded, the current available version will automaticly be this.

Make sure that you remove existing Xmipp installation from the Scipion. The easiest way is to do so via the Plugin manager. Make also sure that there is no Xmipp archive in the software/em folder.

Install the Scipion-em-xmipp plugin directly from the Github:

./scipion3 run pip install git+   # What is after '@' is the release branch.
./scipion3 installb xmippSrc -j 8

During the installation, the source file archive should be downloaded from Nolan.

Update PyPi module

Ensures that the release information is updated and match with those above.

  • New way:

Merge in scipìon-em-xmipp the PR from release to master, one action will manage the update to pypi, also will create a tag that we have to remove (will be managed in the next step) git tag -d tagname git push --delete origin tagname > If you have no permissions to push, clone each repository with git clone git clone

  • Old way:

When all is checked, create and upload the Pypi module by (check this for more information) Notice that you should have the Scipion virtual environment active.

cd src/scipion-em-xmipp
rm -rf dist/*    # To clean the already uploaded modules
python sdist
twine upload dist/* -c "scipion-X.Y"

after ``-c`` flag have to be the lowest Scipion’s compatible version (e.g. "scipion-3.0").

Making a git-TAG and promoting the code to MASTER

After concluding the two section above, the new Xmipp version is already released. Congrats! Publish it in mailing list, Twitter… but also we want to keep this checkpoint in the git history by a TAG and we must promote the code to the master branch:

cd ~/xmipp2release
./xmipp git tag 'vX.YY.ZZ-GreekGod'   # replace GreekGod for one in the list below
./xmipp git push origin 'vX.YY.ZZ-GreekGod'

we name the version following Greek gods (Apollo, Boreas…) > If you have no permissions to push, clone each repository with git clone git clone

Finally, merge the rest 3 Pull Requests to conclude the release!

XmippTomo wants a release

XmippTomo wants a release syncronized with the release of Xmipp. To do that: 1. Create a branch (release_3….) from devel 2. Edit the xmipptomo/ version number and writhe the same of the Xmipp, the last digit mst be .0. 3. Be sure you have all the changes in your local path (git pull). 4. Create a PR from your branch to master. When it will be merged, the action will create the tag and upload the version to pypi.

Final considerations

Probably, you want all the bug fixings during the release procedure also in the devel branch.

To do so, make a Pull Request from ``release`` to ``devel``. Also replace the name of the version for devel here and replace the logo for the protocols: replace xmipp_logo.png (in devel is the devel version of the image) for xmipp_logo_devel.png